II ADNOC HEALTH, SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT A Library of HSE Systems , Programs and Procedures will be maintained by. ADNOC E&S Division. HSE Manual Description. VIKING Emergency Training Drills. VIKING Planned Equipment and Facilities Controls. ADNOC 10 Golden Rules of Safety (GOLDEN RULES OF work activities in line with requirements of respective HSE procedures & manuals.

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Detailed advice on how they can ensure this is given in various sections of this COP. Procedures, which eliminate blowback, etc. All supervisors must have a copy of the dive plan.

Full text of “ADNOC COPV 4 09( Ver 1)”

For each major unit, the system must identify the frequency with which each task is to be undertaken and who should do the work. Are post contract meetings held?

Simulations and analysis can provide good indications of the effect of currents but often currents are not constant even close to the seabed.

Does Senior Management demonstrate their commitment to HSE issues by making frequent offshore visits and can such visits be effectively verified?

The dive plan needs to specify that the gas storage areas need to be adequately protected by, for example, the provision of fire deluge systems. Personnel also need toilet and refreshment breaks during their shifts. When a diving bell is being used from a dynamically positioned vessel, the dive plan must consider the fouling and snagging hazards in relation to umbilical length [Ref.

A recognised certification scheme for the main grades of supervisor has been running for some years, administered by IMCA [Ref.

ADNOC 10 Golden Rules of Safety

The procedures must cover the general principles of the diving techniques as well as the needs of the particular operation. The risk assessment must identify site-specific hazards and their risks. Is the same policy statement displayed at offices, sites and workshops?


PERSONNEL This section refers to the number of divers and support personnel, their grades, adnic and qualifications, and their ability to run the planned dive safely, including carrying out contingency and emergency plans. The dive plan must state the language to be used during the project, and all team members must be able to speak to each other fluently and clearly at all times, particularly during emergencies.

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An exhaustive list of hazards and risks is not possible but some are highlighted below. The deck crew must be competent in a number of areas, e. The name of the Diving Contractor must be clearly displayed and all personnel, clients and others involved in the diving operation must be aware who the Diving Contractor is. All risk assessments and dive plans must account for the fact that a seriously ill or injured diver in a DDC cannot be treated as if he was at atmospheric pressure [Ref.

However, there is no substitute for practical experience. A second operation under a Life Support Supervisor when the divers are in the saturation chambers. These orders take precedence over any company hierarchy. The Diving Supervisor must also locate the nearest chamber and have an agreement that in an emergency recompression, facilities will be available. To ensure that rescuers provide suitable assistance and do not accidentally compromise the safety of the occupants, an IMO standard set of markings and instructions has been agreed [Ref.

It should be noted that IMCA is currently reviewing its guidance in several areas. Particular problems exist if a diver becomes seriously ill or is injured while under pressure.

This must be signed and dated by the person preparing it. Only two grades of diver are allowed to work within the scope of this COP: The dive plan must identify when operations will need to be suspended because of restricted visibility [Ref. Voice communications between other positions in the addnoc, such as the dive control station position and the installation, must only be used if the installation is directly involved with the conduct of the dive, for example, by use of its crane.


These times may need to vary to suit operational needs or exceptional circumstances, but personnel must be given a reasonable onshore break related to the period spent offshore. The entry must be dated and signed by the diver and countersigned by the Diving Supervisor.

Does the Contractor distribute the Diving Safety documentation to sites and appropriate client and sub-contractor positions.?

This may be, for example, where a diving team has been on standby, but not diving, for a number of hours before diving is needed. Norwegian NPD surface maual. Purpose Maanual purpose of this exercise is to ensure that the initial safety assessment of a Contractor is conducted in a consistent and auditable manner.

This document will also assist the following, sdnoc others: Another diver must be on the surface with equipment suitable for intervention within the surface diving range. In no-wind situations a rigid replica of the International Flag ‘A’, minimum dimension one square metre, must be displayed adjacent to the diving site.

It is an evaluation of the likelihood of undesired events and the likelihood of harm or damage being caused together with the value judgements made concerning the significance of the results.

Good practice established by the industry must be followed [Ref. If any USN type repetitive diving is conducted, then the Diving Supervisor must record in the diving operations log book his reason for allowing its use.