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Posted August 28, It felt good to have it back then. Oh well chanters life Try to be efficient with Healing Burst.

What utility can Aipn of Protection provide in a PvE scenario? For running the hardest content available, such as Bastion of Souls, you will need 25, HP or more. Too many to name. Focus on getting 15, HP to start with for all entry level content.

Generally only useful if you are healing a full magic damage PVP group chaner does not need the skill. Inflicts – physical damage on a target. For this reason you should always remember to buff Ascension Spell on yourself before using Word of Instigation as it will prevent Word of Instigation from applying to yourself when you buff it.

I personally disagree with making an HP set The extra flight speed is nice, and also, the flight time recovery by 3 seconds is good for when you get your wings clipped and you’ve lost the flight recovery buff from the landing due to dying.

But would be better if you guode sometimes help with little support, then gonna be aioj. Posted September 1, edited. You can get respectable stats.

Either this or I’m not too updated with 5. If they are not strike resist, then it’s completely overkill as people have enough crit strike from gear to be crit capped. If you want to focus on getting a defensive support set first in order to get into instances and get your other stuff faster, I highly recommend getting a Strike Resist set to hold you over. Which results in double the metals and AP. In general, you will probably be in this stigma setup the most amount of the time.


I know that feels. Chanters are able to specialize in one of 3 ways: I don’t think chanters needs their mantras do be buffed. It’s not like other PVE content which you can cheese a bit and predict things with defensive skills. Unfortunately, what happened in game is not as sweet as in any guide I have read.

Recovers the HP of a target within 23m radius by So, you should find group easily. If the enemy has enough strike resist, your hit mantra will do effectively nothing.

The Ultimate Introduction to Chanters [PVE, PVP] – Classes Discussion – Aion Online

I have a question for all experienced chanters: Posted August 31, edited. Cnanter is still more effective if you can make it and if you can make Agi 10 SR with Arena or something, chances are you can invest a little bit more and make a HP10 Boundless Block.

This may take a lot gguide kinah if you are not lucky with events or work on one yourself, but the HP increase is large and makes everything easier. Sign In Sign Up. Class Nerf Thread Sita – Jan 6th8: Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Google Aon 0 Reddit 0.

  IRAM 3509 PDF

With only 1 cyanter in group it’s much better and effective to stay on full support as chanter ofc can help with dps when group’s HP is fine or if pressure vs your group is indeed high- only to use 4s stun, hallowed strike and bind of skills each cd on enemies to reduce their dps – that all means hybrid style.

Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. I will be using it to get back into playing chanter. Your browser has JavaScript disabled. I feel triggered by the use of the “Vision” word, but other than that, really nice guide. Prioritize keeping things on cooldown.

DPS chanter?

Even a low budget Strike Resist set can reach 1. HB3 sucks, is really inefficient, and consdiering Reinforced Apollon’s gear has baseline heal boost numbers you can socket full HP without issue.

Instantly recovers HP chanteg a target within 25m radius and then recovers HP every 2 sec for 6 sec.

And yes, I’m aware low budget strike resist can hit that number.