AMMPBLK Broadcom / Avago RF Amplifier GHz 13 dB datasheet, inventory & pricing. Buy Broadcom AMMPBLK in Avnet Americas. View Substitutes & Alternatives along with datasheets, stock, pricing and search for other RF Amplifier. RF Amplifier IC DBS, LMDS, VSAT 6GHz ~ 20GHz 8-SMD (5×5).

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Broad band performance 6—20 GHz?

Medium 13 dB typical gain? The amplifier is designed to be an easy-to-use component for any surface mount PCB application.

In communication systems, it can 568 used as a LO buffer, or as a transmit driver amplifier. During typical operation with a single 5V supply, each gain stage is biased for Class-A operation for optimal power output with minimal distortion.

The amplifier has integrated 50? These devices are ESD sensitive. The following precautions are strongly recommended.

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Ensure that an ESD approved carrier is used when dice are transported from one destination to another. Personal grounding is to be worn at all times when handling these devices. Broadband wireless access including Commercial grade military Attention: Observe precautions for handling electrostatic sensitive devices.

Electrostatic 5168 Damage and Control. Operation in excess of any one of these conditions may result in permanent damage to this device. This final package part performance is verified by a functional test correlated to actual performance at one or more frequencies 6.


AMMP-5618 Datasheet PDF

Specifications are derived from measurements in a 50? These measurements are in 50? Input RL Over Temperature. Output Return Loss Over Temperature. Bias Current Over Temperature. Input RL Over Vdd. Output Return Loss Over Vdd. Output Power Over Vdd. Data obtained from in fixture de-embedded to package edge.

The recommended supply voltage is 5V. It is important to have 0. F bypass capacitor, and the capacitor should be placed as close to the component as possible. The AMMC does not require a negative gate voltage to bias any of the three stages. No ground wires are needed because all ground connections are made with plated through-holes to the backside of the package.

Free shipping Ammp-5618-tr1 amp, Gp HI PWR 6 – 20 GHz 8-SMD 5618 AMMP 1PCS/LOT

Demonstration Board available upon request. Vd Typ 5V 0. The PCB material and mounting pattern, as defined in the data sheet, optimizes RF performance and is strongly recommended.

Follow ESD precautions while handling packages. Handling should 56188 along the edges with tweezers. Recommended attachment is conductive solder paste.

Please see recommended solder reflow profile. Conductive epoxy is not recommended. Hand soldering is not recommended. Apply solder paste using a stencil printer or dot placement. The volume of solder paste will be dependent on PCB and component layout and should be controlled to ensure consistent mechanical and electrical performance. A standard profile will have a steady ramp up from room temperature to zmmp pre-heat temperature to avoid damage due to thermal shock. Verify that the smmp will not expose device beyond these limits.


Dimensions are in inches [millimeters] 3. The suggested reflow profile for automated reflow processes is shown in Figure This profile is designed to ensure reliable finished joints. However, the profile indicated in Figure 1 will vary among different solder pastes from different manufacturers and is shown here for reference only.

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Stencil Design Guidelines A properly designed solder screen or stencil is required to ensure optimum amount of solder paste is deposited onto the PCB pads. The recommended stencil layout is shown in Figure Reducing stencil opening can potentially generate more voids underneath. Considering the fact that solder paste thickness will directly affect the quality of the solder joint, a good choice is to use a laser cut stencil composed of 0.

The combined PCB and stencil layout is shown in Figure Stencil Outline Drawing mm. For technical assistance call: January 31, EN.