Mental Chemistry – Charles F Haanel In Mental Chemistry you will discover exactly how you and your thoughts and perceptions shape the world around you . MENTAL CHEMISTRY By Charles F. Haanel MENTAL CHEMISTRY Chemistry is the science which treats of the intra-atomic or the intra-molecular changes. Mental Chemistry by Charles F. Haanel – Here are the secrets to Mental Chemistry; in this book you will learn how to improve your life by removing some kinds of.

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It is an inspiration to realize that men here on earth, gradually improving, become less animal and more spiritual as the centuries pass, are destined to develop in their own physical bodies, instruments capable of interpreting properly the spirit that animates us. What we do depends upon what we are; what we are is the result of what we habitually think. Thought is governed by law. The law of thought is as 16 definite as the law of mathematics, or the law of electricity, or the law of gravitation.

Thought will instantly set in motion the finest of spiritual magnetism, and this motion will be communicated to the heavier and coarser densities, and will eventually affect the physical matter of the body.

But these suggestions it carries out faithfully, and it is this close relation between the conscious and subconscious which makes the conscious thinking so important.

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Thus one atom of sodium and one of chlorine give us salt, and this combination alone can give us salt, and no other combination of elements can give us salt, and salt is something very different from either of the elements of which it is composed. Our power to use Thought to create the conditions, surroundings, and other experiences of life, depends upon our habit of thinking.

There is a divine potency in every human being. Or, on the other hand, one can be stolid in action, allow the delicate brain matter to harden and ossify until his whole life is barren and fruitless. The naturalist who spends much of his time in observing visible phenomena is constantly creating power in that portion of his brain set apart for observation. This rigid exactness and stability in the nature of law is our greatest asset, and when we become conscious of this available power, and use it judiciously, we shall have found the Truth which will make us Free!


Nothing good is ever accomplished in that way. Difficulties, in harmonies, obstacles, indicate that we are either refusing to give out what we no longer need, or refusing to accept what we require.

You can therefore think the thoughts of every sage, every artist, every financier, every captain of industry who ever existed, for thoughts never die. May we not draw the inference that the elements of mind are present in those chemical elements— carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulphur, phosphorous, sodium, potassium, chlorine— that are found in the cell?

The first is the voluntary or Conscious, the latter the involuntary or Subconscious. Every cell seems to be a center of intelligence and knows what its duties are wherever it is placed and wherever we find it.

As we move out into the power of our growing intellects, into an ever moving consciousness we are learning to seek for the wherefore and why of things, and in this search we think and imagine that we are original, when in fact we are only students of established beliefs, notions, and facts, gathered throughout generations of tribal and national life.

Ellen Spanenburg rated it liked it May 10, We gain permanent strength exactly to the extent of the effort required to overcome our difficulties.

Mental Chemistry – Charles F Haanel

The last century saw the most magnificent material progress in history. The kind of emotions which we entertain is therefore of great importance; if positive, they are constructive; if negative, they are destructive. For every success, there is a formula” In Mental Chemistry you will discover exactly how you and your thoughts and perceptions shape the world around you and how you can use your mental faculties to control what happens in your life.

In the beginning and long afterward the animating mind was the one we now call the subconscious. With this instrument, these cells are able to manufacture starch from the crude substances of earth, air and water by the aid of sunlight.

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Select a subject with which you are fairly familiar. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Likewise in the body some cells are working on production: From these facts, it must appear evident to the reader that the cheemistry is a very highly organized and specialized individual, and that to look at him from the point of view of being mere matter and force is the same as to compare chhemistry actions of a stone rolling down a hill with that of an automobile moving over a smooth pavement.


This pleases only petty natures and inferior minds. You do not wish to take anything away from any one else; you want to create something for yourself, and what you want chsmistry yourself you are perfectly willing that every one else should have.

After the metamorphosis, the insects leave the plants, fly to the window and then creep upward on the glass. This, I am convinced is wrong, even by chemistryy high-powered microscope, and so we have assumed that the haahel is the man, which we can see, and have ignored the existence of the real life units, which are those we cannot see. We now know that most of the freaks of nature we see on exhibition are such owing to endocrine disturbance— the disturbance of the ductless glands. These are sufficient reasons in cehmistry why men achieve so little— why the lives of multitudes are so barren of results, while all the time there are possibilities within them which need only the liberating touch of appreciation and wholesome ambition to expand into real greatness.

When the instruments are out mrntal tune it is not the genius of the musician, but a misinterpretation that you hear. This Law of Attraction is neither good nor evil, neither moral nor immoral; it is a neutral law that always flows in conjunction with the desires of the individual; we each choose our own line of growth, and there are as many lines of growth as there are individuals; and although no two of us are exactly alike, yet many of us move along similar lines.

For every person, there is a meaning. Blood chemistry of our time is emntal marvel undreamed of a generation ago. Thus do we find it working in the things we see; but its unseen power, as it works in the mind of man, is greater.