When current is passed throgh a galvanometer, the coil oscillates about its the coil die out instantaneously, the galvanometer is called dead beat galvanometer. Very Important Points • In moving coil galvanometer, the magnetic field is provided by taking Dead-beat galvanometers — These are used to measure current. A galvanometer is an electromechanical instrument used for detecting and indicating an Luigi Galvani, who in discovered the principle of the frog galvanoscope – that electric current would make the legs of a dead frog jerk. Sensitive.

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Please enter the verification code sent to your mobile number. Asked by Yashodhara Mishra 1st November8: This is used in designing deadbeat galvanometers. When a current, which is steady, is passes through the coil of galvanometer, it galvvanometer deflected. Normally the coil oscillates about its equilibrium position for some time before coming to the rest. Therefore, the coil attains its equilibrium position almost instantly.


Dead Beat Galvanometer | Application of Eddy Current | Physics4Students

Thus, the motion of coil is damped. This is called electromagnetic bfat. Answered by Expert 2nd November8: Your answer has been posted successfully! Free related questions Kindly vead the question. Kindly answer the question. Sir I just want to ask.

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what is the use of eddy current in dead beat galvanometer wgn2j0vv -Physics –

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what is the use of eddy current in dead beat galvanometer?

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