ESX PCNS 2.2 1 V1 1RC2 PDF

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Finally, all or a portion of the gain realized from engaging in “conversion rsx generally including certain transactions designed to convert ordinary income into capital gain may be treated as ordinary income.

: Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.

Additional Information About Portfolio Managers. Under Massachusetts law, shareholders could, under certain circumstances, be held personally liable for the 1rx2 of the Fund of which they are shareholders. Treasury Department and the IRS have announced that withholding on payments of gross proceeds from a sale, exchange, redemption or other disposition of the securities will only apply to. Government automatically deposited into your Fund account.

The securities are not designed to be short-term trading instruments, and you should, therefore, be able and willing to hold the securities to maturity. In addition, all or a 2.22 of any gain realized from the sale or other disposition of certain market discount bonds will be treated as ordinary income.

You will be subject to significant risks not associated with conventional fixed-rate or floating-rate debt securities. The return on the securities will be limited to the contingent monthly payment that is paid with respect to each determination date on which the determination closing price or the final share price, as applicable, is greater than or equal to the downside threshold level.

Expenses and fees, including f1 management fee, are accrued daily and 1r2c taken into account for the purpose of determining the net asset value of Fund shares. Futures contract prices could move to the limit for several consecutive trading days with little or no trading, thereby preventing prompt liquidation of futures positions and potentially subjecting the Fund to substantial losses.


Debt securities that are not valued by the Service are valued at the average of the most recent bid and asked prices in the market in which such investments are primarily traded, or at the last sales price for securities traded primarily on an exchange. The expenses pncs by each Fund include: These essx, which may be subjective, may adversely affect the payout to you upon an automatic early redemption or at maturity, if any. If the securities are called early, the holding period over which you will receive contingent monthly payments could be as little as 1 month.

If the securities are redeemed early, you will stop receiving contingent payments. Because we do not expect that other broker-dealers will participate significantly in the secondary market exx the securities, the price at which you may be able to trade your securities is likely to depend on the price, if any, at which HSBC Securities USA Inc.

December Page 6. In that capacity, Mr. The entity acting as custodian for Keogh Plans, b 7 Plans or IRAs may charge a fee, payment of which could require the liquidation of shares. Emeritus Board members are entitled to receive an annual retainer and a per meeting fee of 1cr2 the amount paid to them as Board members.

Compare Packages Between Distributions

A fee may be imposed to replace lost or stolen certificates, or certificates that were never received. The services provided may include personal services relating to shareholder accounts, such as answering shareholder inquiries regarding the Fund and providing reports and other information, and services related to the maintenance of shareholder accounts.

Some of our affiliates also trade cpns underlying shares and other financial instruments related to the underlying shares on a regular basis as part of their general broker-dealer and other businesses. The Fund has standing audit, nominating and compensation committees, each comprised of its Board members who are not “interested persons” of the Fund, as defined in the Act.


Generally, when trades are aggregated, each fund or account within the block will receive the same price and commission. The volatility of the underlying shares can change significantly over the term of the securities. In the case of requests for redemption in excess of such amount, the Fund’s Board reserves the right to make payments in whole or in part in securities or other assets of such Fund in case of an emergency or any time a cash pncs would impair the liquidity of such Fund to the detriment of the existing investors.

Further, a relatively lower downside threshold level may not necessarily indicate that the securities have a greater likelihood of a repayment of principal at maturity. A call option gives the purchaser of the option the right to buy, and obligates the writer to sell, the underlying security or securities at the eax price at any time during the option period, or at a specific date.

Government to purchase certain obligations of the agency or instrumentality; and others only by the credit of the agency or instrumentality.

Please enter a title. In certain circumstances, the provisions governing the tax treatment of straddles override or modify certain of the provisions discussed above. Gain or loss will arise upon the exercise or lapse of Section contracts and options as well as from closing transactions.

Holder, unless such U. Filed Pursuant to Rule To accomplish an exchange under item D above, you must notify the Transfer Agent of your prior ownership of fund shares and their account number.