Home · Documents; The Hefferlin Manuscript 01 – A Description of Rainbow City From the Hefferlin Manuscript (Hollow Earth). The Hefferlin Manuscript was published in October Amazing Stories. This is (or was) a science fiction magazine. Comments from the. By Gladys Hefferlin, from The Hefferlin Manuscript. Controlled Mental Communication was the means by which I gathered information from Emery for our articles.

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In the human Ruler’s apartments on the fifth level or floor above ground, well concealed in the wall of the living room of each compartment, is a small closet-like room.

Outside of Three or lour babes who have been born in “Rainbow City in the last four and one half years, everyone down there was born in the world in the last 70 odd years.

Two years ago Russian explorers made a surface dash from the coast to the Pole in that area, were they looking for Rainbow City?

“Rainbow City” the Ancient Martian City in Antarctica.

There are no import or export duties to pay between the states. We have manuscrilt stated and we insist that mythology is but a garbled, distorted and mistranslated history of the ancient Mankind.

And where is this city? Those of our group who were farmers or horticulturists in their youth and preferred this service, handle the working and harvesting of crops, using plows and other implements found there, powered by atomic or radio-active substance contained in a small metal box on the machine.

Our communication is as fast as ordinary, open conversation. That is, the pattern of government among the States of the World, There are many necessary changes to be made in all departments of living before the Perfect Plan is established.

It’s great Temple is in the center of the city. Here, too, even as found in the houses, the kitchens have vibratory type heaters and cookers. In the summer ofby action manuscgipt the Ancient Threethe atomic laboratory of the Russians was blown up.

Hefferlin Manuscript, page 1

A person on the inside of the Portal mwnuscript reach through the open doorway with his hand and only the part on the outside shows. Sunlight is simulated by special ray lamp lighting, and the air is fresh and pure even as found in the Temple. Elevators run through the five floors of the Temple, the five lower levels and to the third level of the pyramid.


By hefferoin evidence of the Portals and the ancient maps, great civilizations did exist and an interchange of commerce linked them together through their common heritage with the Motherland, at the present south Polar continent.

We started to develop this system we call Controlled Mental “Communication.

A Description of Rainbow City from the Hefferlin Manuscript – Gladys Hefferlin – Google Books

Because of this one must take the following with a grain of salt – Branton. But each of those forty-eight states co-operates” with all the rest of the states on vital issues. In here there is no difference between night and day because one has the choice of choosing that particular light.

The Atlantic Fleet was fighting Britain’s battles in the Atlantic. Most UFOlogers have heard of the manuscripts or seen references to them in Saucer literature. Therefore if it heffeflin beyond our immediate vicinity or experience, we shun it as something accursed. This section from the first level to the fifth level inclusive was hermetically sealed off from the upper structure, as well as from the rest of the Temple basement levels.

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This we do know from observations made via the Portals that LeMuria and Atlantis did exist and they did attain to great cultures and high civilizations manusript sinking beneath the ocean. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. By means of switches set in walls these walls become opaque, colored or clear as crystal glass, giving a view of outside, with one-way or two-way vision as desired.

All conveniences and luxuries found in the city homes are also in the farm homes.

These vehicles are controlled by levers and push buttons, and are powered by the same type of radiant energy mass in metal boxes as manusccript farm equipment. A long exerpt from a book that talks about this is here and says the Hefferlin material is mostly “wistful thinking”: The other cities are now abandoned but Rainbow City remains inhabited by a few of the original colonists who made their way to Earth. By the action of the Ancient Three they broke the back of the German war effort and the Allies won.


This was the first of Mankind on this planet Earth.

The two thousand people who are down there now, wore picked by the Leaders manuscropt of their peculiar abilities now, and the fact that they are re-incarnations of ancient ones who lived and worked there when Rainbow City was founded. One of them was Marsand the Red Planet was for hundreds of generations of the ancients a hospitable home. The human during the period of change has violent headaches, goes partially blind and deaf at times, and seems at times to be thoroughly wretched.

Great wars were fought and slowly Mankind lost ground.

heffelrin Our manscript can hear spoken conversation, and can see anything that is held up before the “channel” as we call the medium which is used.

One of them had blue-black hair and the other two were blondes, The akin of these rulers was much lighter in color, sort of a golden hue. Only time will tell the answers and believe us truly when we say manuscrjpt there seem to be millions of questions that need asking and solving. Machines are there but dead from lack heferlin the proper power. Here too flowers grow blooms as large as those in the Temple gardens and here too the great butterflies float as on ‘silent wings of night’ from flower to flower.

Therefore we cannot promise entry to anyone else. Each time Would transmit information and then check with us. The Thought Machines are large crystals which “transmit thoughts and mental pictures. Released for BSR Associates. Below the main floor are five underground levels in the Temple basement. The dream of all mankind as a child and often when grown, when gazing into the heavens, has been to explore the far reaches of space and the stars, some day.

Take Rainbow City for example. Australia was safe until men and supplies could be gotten there.