HP Serviceguard Cluster Configuration: HP Serviceguard was the very first solution for high availability clustering software. Serviceguard uses. Serviceguard allows you to create high availability clusters of HP or HP Integrity servers (or a mixture of both; see the release notes for your version for. HP Serviceguard Cluster Commands. This section includes the Serviceguard clustering commands. Closed /usr/local/bin/sudo /usr/sbin/cmviewcl -v. Output.

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Mirror copies of data provide redundancy in case of disk failures. Event Monitoring Service EMSwhich lets you monitor and detect failures that are not directly handled by Serviceguard.

Ahmed Sharif on Detecting and Removing C style…. The necessary changes have to be made with this file for the cluster.

HP Serviceguard Cluster Configuration Guide – A Cheat Sheet

However, if the RAC volume groups are unknown at this time, the cluster should be configured minimally with a lock volume group. Serviceguard allows you to create high availability clusters of HP or HP Integrity servers or a mixture of both; see the release notes for your version for details and restrictions. Servifeguard Node node01 is refusing Serviceguard communication. You are commenting using your WordPress. A package groups application services individual HP-UX processes together.

After testing the cluster, shut it down in order to make changes clusterr to the HP-UX kernel parameters.

Each power circuit should be protected by an uninterruptible power source. HP recommends these products; in conjunction with Serviceguard they provide the highest degree of availability. In the figure, node 1 is shown with exclusive access to the top two disks solid lineand node 2 is shown as connected without access to the top disks dotted line. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.


You can halt a package using Serviceguard Manager or on the Serviceguard command line.

Lock volume can only be activated on the node where the cmapplyconf command is issued so that the lock disk can be initialized accordingly. I will try to make this one.

HP Serviceguard – Wikipedia

Assign the LUNs from the storage. As you see from the above output, the command is failed to run successfully. After this transfer, the failover package typically remains on the adoptive node as long the adoptive node continues running. System multi-node packages are supported serviecguard for HP-supplied applications. Each server have 4 network interface card.

HP Serviceguard Cluster Commands

Use the following commands to create the required group file on 2nd node and import the lock VG using the map file that was transferred from the first node. Anyone considering using the services of an Oracle support expert should independently investigate their credentials and experience, and not rely on advertisements and self-proclaimed expertise. Tejas Bavarva on Working with Syslog-ng on….

Now the cluster is configured. Using this site means you accept its terms. It will work as the quorum device. Use the cmapplyconf command to apply the configuration. Subscribe to comments with RSS.

Most Serviceguard packages are failover packages. We will use three of them. Now create the volume group named vglock. Please make sure that the proper security serviceguwrd is configured on node node01 through either file-based access pre-A.

The Oracle kernel now handles global cache management transparently. All legitimate Oracle experts publish their Oracle qualifications. Start the cluster from any node in the cluster: However, there were nsswitch. Email required Address never made public. A high availability computer system allows application services to continue in spite of a hardware or software failure. Create the group file for the volume group: Docker image Security Best Practices January 19, Volume groups on node Here is the steps: This tutorial is only applicable for those who already know the basic concept and just want to learn the basic configuration steps.


Network validation complete Waiting for cluster to form Tuesday, January 1, Highly available systems protect users from software failures as well as from failure of a system processing unit SPUdisk, or local area network LAN component. Once the cluster configuration file is edited, you need to use the cmcheckconf command to check the file for errors:.

Alternatively, you may manually transfer control of the package back to the primary node at xluster appropriate time. If you find an error or have a suggestion for improving our content, we would appreciate your feedback.

Under normal conditions, a fully operating Serviceguard cluster monitors the health of the cluster’s components on all its active nodes. For heartbeat I will use a point to point Ethernet connection. It is considered UP as long as it is running on any of its configured nodes. Log into your account.