Questions of Modern Chess Theory (Chess Classics) [Isaac Lipnitsky] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Questions of Modern Chess . Visit ‘s Isaac Lipnitsky Page and shop for all Isaac Lipnitsky books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Isaac Lipnitsky. Questions of Modern Chess Theory – Isaac Lipnitsky A Soviet Classic Paperback Questions of Modern Chess Theory is the lost masterpiece of Soviet chess.

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January 1, By kevinspraggettonchess in Uncategorized. There are not many photos of Isaak Lipnitskytwice champion of the Ukraine and respected chess theoretician and author.

Isaac Lipnitsky

To be fair, in those days he was never a star, even though the list of his victims in tournament play is long and proud: Spartak team championship Ratmir Holmov, Isaac Lipnitsky. Nina Rusinkevich, Tigran Petrosian, N.

Both were influenced by the famous coach Konstantinopolsky. As a player Lipnitsky was well trained in strategy and tactics, capable of playing all types of positions equally well. However, what he really liked doing was playing complicated positions, a trait that many of lipnittsky finest Ukraine masters seemed to have inherited.


Isaak Lipnitsky () « Spraggett on Chess

Witness the following game against Beilin played at Riga in Lipnitsky provokes his opponent to riskily capture material instead of completing his development. The final moves of the game are so pretty and surprising that the judges could not resist awarding the brilliancy prize to Lipnitsky. The lionitsky will do well to pay careful attention to this little known but instructive miniature!

Lipnitsky decides, after long thought, that it is better for Black to attack than to defend the Bishop.

How much did Lipnitsky see when playing this clever move?

Did he see all of the tactical ideas that follow or was he relying on his intuition? White has nothing better than to accept the gift since trying to play it safe would allow Black to simply build up his initiative without any problems: A very unpleasant move for White!

Chess Book of the Year, part 5: Isaac Lipnitsky | Sport | The Guardian

This pawn lipnltsky divides the board into 2 and keeps the White King in the centre. Notice that Black is also threatening the deadily 18…Qd4!! If he could only castle….

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The Black Rook is under attack and White threatens to castle. Now it seems as though the worse if over for White: To boot, he is attacking the Black Rook on c8 and has a passed pawn on d5.

Now comes the surprising killer! A move of rare beauty! And if White exchanges Queens then the Black e-pawn will make a Queen before the White d-pawn even gets close to doing the same.