In this article, we’ll cover the first part of Chapter Fifteen of Toll the Hounds (TtH). A fair warning before we get started: We’ll be discussing both. In this article, we’ll cover of Chapter Sixteen of Toll the Hounds (TtH). A fair warning before we get started: We’ll be discussing both novel and. In this article, we’ll cover Chapter Fourteen of Toll the Hounds (TtH). A fair warning before we get started: We’ll be discussing both novel and.

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Anyway, its festival time in the city of emerald lights and everyone is in party mood.

This novel is dedicated to the memory of my father, R. The story takes us back to Darujhistan, which is a pleasure to revis I can’t say I enjoyed this book as much as the previous book in the series. But what is it they seek from this City of Blue Fire? Oct 09, John rated it really liked it.

I loved the philosophical ramblings and appreciated the slow burn build-up. His plots are intricate, inter-related and have a very deep history. The story of the tkll focused on the characters in Darujhistan and the Tiste Andii race.

Was all this grief and suffering for nought?

Plus, the stage is set for an epic meeting of Kruppe and Iskaral Pust! Assassins skulk in alleyways, but the quarry has turned and the hunters become the hunted. Then we have the storyline malaazan Cutter and later Challice.

Should Houns skip it?? The Audiobook was narrated by Michael Page, and is 44 hours and 9 minutes long. They encounter Kallor, and he joins them on their journey.


I rate thi Back in Darujhistan things are back to normal with a lot of parties competing for power, money, influence, or just trying to stay alive.

The structure of society is far more fragile than most believe. View all 33 comments.

Toll the Hounds

When will this book be available as an audiobook? Toll the Hounds is a vital addition to this series, and one I am sure I will look back on as an intricate piece of this vast Malazan puzzle when I am done. Which means half a page in fifty pages long chapters per average.

From my personal reading experience, you have to be in a specific frame of mind to be abl 4. A single regret could crush a thousand proud deeds, and Barathol Makhar had more regrets than most mortals could stomach.

Certainly, the cultures here malazqn rendered with a depth that makes them feel more real than reality: Malaazn it necessary; to whom actually can we prescribe this change in telling the story – this almost breaking of the fourth wall — and pinching the reader on his nose while doing so? Kruppe and Iskaral Pust. Soldiers, heed me well. It’s hard to write a review of a single book since it should be viewed as a whole and that’s something you peeps already know.

Toll the Hounds by Steven Erikson

Good wisdom even for a world without dragons and ascendants: Considering there are still two books I am super excited about what is yet to come. The God Is Not Willing forthcoming. The majority of the book is an intellectual exploration of life and death, society and history, love, lust and war, on a scale not rivalled by even the political treatise that was Midnight Tides.


This book started out strong and ended even yhe.

And a lot of characters, whom I didn’t find likable, developed a whole lot Scillara is an exampleand I changed my opinion about quite a few of them. Also, I had a hard time figuring out exactly what was going on in some areas of the story. What mmalazan did get were the viewpoints of other characters, be it his people or other races or even gods and ascendants, and their highest regards for him.

This god of promises laughs At the wrong things, wrongly timed Unmaking all these sacrifices In deliberate malice Recoil like a soldier routed Even as retreat is denied Before corpses heaped high in walls You knew this would come At last and feign nothing, no surprise To find this cup filled With someone maoazan pain It’s never as bad as it seems The taste sweeter than expected When you squat in a fool’s dream So take this belligerence Where you will, the dogged cur Is the charge of my soul To the center of the street Spinning round all fangs bared Snapping at thirsty spears Thrust cold and purged of your hands Hunting Words Brathos of Black Coral.

It does not transform to suit your decision. Isn’t there any price to pay?